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Commercial Photography FAQs

We love to tell stories with our images, and commercial photography allows us to combine years of photography and design knowledge to produce high quality images for our clients. Allowing them to show off their work is really special to us.


One of our primary focuses is on Architectural Photography. We have a passion for architecture and design, so this type of photography is a natural fit! Architectural photography allows everyone involved with a building project to showcase their work. This includes builders, architects, interior designers, furniture makers, and others. We offer traditional still photography as well as drone photography, videography, 360 photos and virtual tours.

What types of commercial photography do you offer?

We offer architectural, product, editorial, and event photography.

What about pricing?

All commercial pricing varies based on the project. Each project is unique. For events, we generally charge an all-inclusive hourly rate that covers our time for shooting and editing the images, as well as licensing for the best images taken during the event, which is roughly about 40 final images per hour of shooting.

For architectural, it will depend on the number of shots you need and whether you need exterior or/and interior shots. We generally prefer to charge a flat rate for projects to encompass the cost of both labor and licensing fees. However, we can do an hourly rate with separate licensing fees depending on the scope of work. For architectural (and product photography), you could generally expect to pay approximately $100/image. To receive a quote for your project, please contact us through the form on our website.

How does the image selection process work?

Most often we will release a series of soft proofs within 2 weeks of the photo shoot, and from there, a client can choose the final images and determine if more edits are needed.

What about Licensing?

We have found that most of our clients prefer to have a unrestricted licenses on their images, so that is all we currently sell. This means image licenses are not restricted to certain uses, media, or time limits. The only limits are that images can not be shared or sold to third parties without pre-approval in the project contract.

What can I expect if I book you for an architectural shoot?

The process often starts with a meeting or phone call to discuss the needs of the shoot. We will also do a site visit when possible to determine the best lighting and time of day for the session, as well as any potential obstacles. We love to map out the shots with a client in order to get the most successful final images. During this time, we will determine the details, materials, and features that are most important to show off. Shoots take anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on the scope of the work. If exterior shots are needed, we may have to split a photo shoot up based on weather and lighting. Our style is very clean and natural. We don't use a lot of artificial lighting, although we will on occasion if needed. Rather, we often composite a variety of exposures in post-processing to create an image with depth and detail.

Why should you choose us?

Because we care about getting you the absolute best imagery! We are humbled to be working for you, and we will work incredibly hard to meet your needs and to show off your work. We have decades of experience in photography and photo editing. We are prompt in our communication and have an "open door" policy. We want you to be 110% satisfied!

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